Our approach

The Search Fund model has posted outstanding returns for over 30 years

We act as a close thought partner, always available to provide guidance, advice and best practices to maximize the entrepreneur’s chances of sucess



Is a Search Fund the right path for me?


You need to be thoughtful in your fundraising process, looking for the right investors to maximize your chances of success during the search phase

Get to know the ecosystem

Ample resources available

Talk to Entrepreneurs

Learn from their experience

Prepare your pitch

Align yourself with a Search Fund model

Think of the big picture

Real benefit comes from delivering value in the operation

Find the right investors

Local knowledge, network access, capital and guidance

Know your market

Every region is different


Apply proven processes and leverage your investors' to find the best company. Be patient and objective in your analysis, as you only have one opportunity

Establish a process

Needs to be methodical and implement best practices

Be driven

Time is of the essence, so focus on getting traction

Be objective

Objectively analyze the attractiveness of each company

Be decisive

Avoid confirmation bias and get comfortable rejecting deals

Keep investors informed

Let us know your progress and how can we help

Listen to your investors

Vast experience in industries, regions and negotiations

Execution is a differentiated characteristic in successful Search Funds, as a result requires a unique commitment and conviction from the entrepreneur

Committed to your decision

Difficult to have 100% of investors aligned

Be thorough in your analysis

Success lies in the details

Leverage your investor base

Differentiated network and resource of knowledge

Get the best deal terms

Maximize the opportunity of a successful outcome

Pitch the best opportunities

Pursue each opportunity aggressively

Perform an exhaustive due diligence

Identify all potential risks and develop a mitigation plan

A Search Fund business is not a turnaround opportunity, it is a solid company that requires the drive of an exceptional entrepreneur to exploit growth and create value

Have a clear 100-day plan

Well-planned transition period is key for success

Establish a solid Board of Directors

Get advice and guidance from business experts

Institutionalize the business

Implement accountability across the organization

Develop a detailed growth plan

Identify opportunities and capitalize on them

Fill the talent gaps

Solidify management to support growth plan

Reach maximum operational efficiency

Reduce cost, monitor KPIs and implement best practices


Transitioning the business to a new owner at the right valuation is a daunting task

Be open to any approach

Opportunities may arise at unexpected times

Understand the potential

Objectivity is key in evaluating offers

Utilize the expertise of your Board

Directors will analyze and give feedback on any approach

Talk to your shareholders

Understand your investors' expectations

Liquidity is necessary

Most of your net worth will be tied to the equity

Transition to new role

There are plenty of opportunities following an exit

Investment Philosophy

Partnering the best human capital with solid businesses

Our holistic evaluation approach consists of quantitative and qualitative analysis in order to find sound investments with significant value-creation potential

01. Extraordinary talent
The "Jockey"

We follow a rigorous screening process to partner up with the best entrepreneurs, strictly investing in the ones that fit the profile we have identified

Professional Background
  • Relevant professional experience (i.e., operations, consulting, M&A, PE)
  • Strong track record, with clear career growth and managing experience
  • Well developed network in the local market
Commitment & Motivation
  • Disciplined and rational thinker
  • Passion, with a driven personality
  • Proactive, resourceful and with strong interpersonal skills
Academic Background
  • Bachelor from top university
  • An MBA or MSc from top-tier school is ideal
  • Clearly understands the terms of the Search Fund model
Team & Partnership
  • Team of 2 entrepreneurs is ideal
  • Strong rapport with us and willingness to listen
  • Clear and aligned objectives, with flexibility to relocate
02. Solid businesses
The "Horse"

We focus on healthy companies with tremendous growth potential, all analyzed through a rigid set of characteristics to ensure the best possible outcome

Attractive Industry
  • Growing sectors with macroeconomic tailwinds
  • Minimal regulatory exposure
  • Preferably B2B model
Resilient Companies
  • Stable sources of recurring revenues
  • Diversified client and supplier base
  • Simple operations
Sound Financial Profile
  • Attractive unit economics with low capital intensity
  • EBITDA margin above 15%
  • Proven top-line growth momentum
Socially Responsible
  • Commitment to positive environmental impact
  • Consideration of all stakeholders
  • Measurable social impact in its community

Unlocking value

Proven strategy to deliver significant value-creation

Our approach is tailored to each entrepreneur and will systematically add-value throughout the search phase and holding period

Access our network

Lead investor role in SHA negotiations

Best practices for the search process and deal structure

Sounding board and clear real-time advice

Support on investor communication strategy

Advice on LOI and SPA negotiations

Guidance and involvement in due diligence topics

Participation in conversations with potential sellers

Help in recruiting efforts of key personnel

Assist on strategic development and growth initiatives

Implementation of best corporate governance practices

Recommendations on the divestment process